Beliefs and Disbeliefs

The Research


w      In this research the concept of Black Hole has been questioned.

w      This research shows that Sun has self sustaining nature.

w      It also questions whether the concept of scattering of light is all true?

w      How and why the light absorbed at the surface is causing Global warming.







The Optical Error

w      I wish to disclose what we saw one night from our camera of 500mm mirror lens.We were gazing at the Orion constallation.To our surprise we saw Black hole in all the stars we saw .We know that these stars have not undergone any serious change of Stellar Evolution.Then how come we see Black hole in them.It was exactly the same kind of Black hole as usually described,the one with a black hole in the centre with encircling light.

w      The possible explanation is that the star is at infinity.Therefore it is not visible to a camera of 500mm lens.Only the encircling light is visible because light due to travelling towards earth is nearer and thus falls within the range of the lens.

w      In case of powerful telescope the stars of Orion constallation are clearly visible because they are near.But stars which they have been  mentioned to be Black holes are at infinity and again the light visible around the star is because it has travelled a distance towards the Earth and is a nearer object.Thus this light is visible to the telescope.Therefore what we see as Black hole is a star at infinity.

w      Thus there is probably  no such thing as the Black Hole.

A genuine chain reaction

w    The chemistry of chain reaction is true.It is also true that other elements like Carbon ,Nitrogen are present on the Sun and perhaps all these are producing light and energy and thus the fuel is getting consumed.

w      There can be possibilities of reactions other than chain reaction.

      The Helium atoms can undergo dissociation into hydrogen atoms at such a high temerature.Moreover  there can be formation of Hydrogen atoms due to Gravitational pull.The gravitational pull can induce heat in cations and anions etc.present in the light emitted and form Hydrogen atoms.These again undergo fusion reactions and thus the cycle continues.This makes Sun self sustaining.Also the major part of the light reaching Earth has wavelength that of light formed due to formation of Helium atoms.It cannot be that a chain reaction begun so long ago has to wait to convert all the hydrogen into helium and then into any other element.By this time a great lot of Helium would have converted to  carbon and then to other elements.But no such thing has been detected till now.This goes to show that the chain reaction may not be the actual science taking place on Sun.Thus there is every possibility that Sun and Stars will shine for ever due to their self sustaining nature.

Is Scattering of light all true?

w     Like everysource of light on earth,Sun too produces flames which has seven colours.Colours of these flames are placed one after the other.These flames are produced continuously. In the mornings and the evenings the people on Earth are at such an angle that they can see all the colours of sun’s light due to scattering.

w     In a candle light we can see dark lights{Violet,Indigo,Blue} at the bottom and yellow on top.Orange and red lights are hardly visible due to bright yellow light.Green light seems merged with the blue light.Here we do not require a medium to scatter light .But in elctrically run sources of light we need a medium to scatters light so that we can see all seven colours being produced continuously.The speed of light  produced is so fast that we see a single row of 7 colours but actually these are being produced all seven colours( a row ) one after the other.That is to say  rows of 7 colours folllowed by  rows of seven colours.



w      Similarly in Sun,when in the morning or evening the Earth is at such an angle that the atmosphere provides the medium for scattering, we see red light.Red light is visible on sun and other lights in the sky and clouds.At the speed the sunlight is being emitted red light alone can be detected on sun constantly.

w      Scattering of light seems to be due to the angle between the Sun and Earth and the layerded atmosphere providing the medium for scattering.

w      Since sun’s light produces all the seven colours .The outer space which constitues most of the light produced thus has a black colour.The black colour is due to the merging of the {Violet,Indigo,Blue,Green} lights in the space.These lights merge to form the black matter of space.

w      The blue colour of the sky is due to the fact that the bright colours of the sun lighten the space above the Earth.The sky looks light blue because white  light of Sun merges with {Violet,Indigo,Blue,Green }lights in the space and create a light blue colour for the sky.



w      Scattering of light is limited to the Red light on the Sun and lights of other colours in the sky and clouds.We see scattered red light on the surface of Earth too.

w      Clouds and matter on Earth do posses a colour of their own and scattering of light is not causing their own colouration.

Light on Earth

w     As discussed earlier the light emitted from the sun is present in the form of white rays consisting of all seven colours on the Earth.

w     It is here that we see a reason for global warming.In areas where there is lack of greenery these rays of light remain unconsumed.The heat energy present in these lights keep on increasing everyday with increase in incoming light.If proper measures of growing trees in these regions are not taken immediately the consequences could be grave.

w     The rate at which the trees need to be planted and the amount planted is less than that is required.


         Thank You

           Ms.Bindu Sajit


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